Factory Showroom: Industry
October 15 – November 15, 2014
with labor by:
Anni Albers
Joseph Albers
El Anatsui
Eleanor Antin
Karel Appel
Kenojak Ashevak
Assume Astro Vivid Focus
Francis Bacon
Matthew Barney
Mark Bradford
Constantin Brancusi
Marlene Dumas
William Eggleston
Femme Den
Helen Frankenthaler
Luian Freud
Viola Frey
Barnaby Furnas
Mokarrameh Ghanbari
Alberto Giacometti
Leon Golub
Clement Greenberg
Katharina Grosse
Johathan Ive
Shiho Kanzaki
William Kentridge
Margaret Kilgallen
Yves Klein
Yayoi Kusama
Jacob Lawrence
Lucy Lippard
Julie Mehretu
Claude Monet
Jonathan Meese
Robert Motherwell
Yoshitomo Nara
Linda Nochlin
Catherine Opie
Beverly Pepper
Griselda Pollock
Jackson Pollock
Martin Puryear
Imran Qureshi
Auguste Rodin
Augusta Savage
Paula Scher
Kiki Smith
Pierre Soulages
Edward Steichen
Antoni Tàpies
Pablita Velarde
Peter Voulkos
Kara Walker
Andy Warhol
Beatrice Wood
An art space is a factory, which is simultaneously a supermarket—a casino and a place of worship whose reproductive work is performed by cleaning ladies and cellphone-video bloggers alike. – Hito Steyerl, “Is a Museum a Factory?”

To look is to labor. – Jonathan L. Beller, “Kino-I, Kino-World”

Industry is the first Showroom program as part of Factory, a series of displays, labor demonstrations, motivational speeches, quality controls, and new product launches organized by the Jacob Lawrence Gallery to explore the question, “Is a school a factory?”