Onyx Fine Arts 2015
August 1 - September 4, 2015
Danie Allinice
Orenda Ayashe
Pamelagrace Beatty
Jeremy Bell
Lisa Brown
Valencia Carroll
Jim Coley
Al Doggett
Esther Ervin
Aramis Hamer
Robert L. Horton
Dante Kirkman
Adrienne La Faye
Chaz Lindsey
Kyle Melendez Daigre
McAlister Merchant, Jr
Anena Metoyer
Troy Miles
Lisa Myers Bulmash
Julie Powers
Malcolm Procter
Gloria Pulliam
Ashby Reed
Jay Taylor
Earnest Thomas
Carol Williams
Carletta Carrington Wilson
A show of work from Onyx Fine Arts, a Seattle collective of artists of African descent. This is the 11th Annual Fine Art Exhibition from Onyx, but it is the first time the group has been hosted at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery. The artworks in this show were selected by artist Valerie Collymore and gallery director Scott Lawrimore.
August 1
l to r: Lisa Brown, Jim Coley, Jeremy Bell
l to r: Chaz Lindsey, Ashby Reed, McAlister Merchant Jr, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Dante Kirkman, Danie Allinice
l to r: Danie Allinice, Esther Ervin, Lisa Brown, Jim Coley, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Jeremy Bell, Lisa Myers Bulmash, Valencia Carroll
l to r: Malcolm Procter, Kyle Melendez Daigre, McAlister Merchant, Jr, Dante Kirkman, Robert L Horton
l to r: Esther Ervin, Lisa Brown, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Jim Coley, Jeremy Bell
l to r: Troy Miles, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Malcolm Procter, Adrienne La Faye, Kyle Melendez Daigre
l to r: Adrienne La Faye, Carol Williams, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Al Doggett, Eric Salisbury
l to r: Earnest Thomas, Malcolm Procter, Troy Miles
l to r: Adrienne La Faye, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Carol Williams
l to r: Al Doggett, Eric Salisbury, Jay Taylor, Kyle Melendez Daigre, Robert L Horton
l to r: Valencia Carroll, Jay Taylor
l to r: Ashby Reed, Aramis Hamer, Earnest Thomas