Toward a Democracy of Making
November 19 - December 18, 2015
Our modern materialist society distributes considerable socioeconomic power based on access to the right tools and products. Phones, cars, computers, houses, all of these give us greater or lesser agency and freedom in our lives. Despite the importance of these objects, we seldom have the opportunity to see our own specific needs included in the design process that creates them. But there could be another way.

This exhibition, organized by Division of Design Lecturer Dominic Muren, presents a survey of real-world projects and products which are trying in some small way to answer the question “What would a world be like where more of your products were made by someone local to you, from materials which were locally available?” Ranging widely—from DNA fabrication techniques, to farm tools, to mushroom-grown packaging—the show challenges visitors to examine the opportunities that they have to pursue this localism in their own consumer habits and projects.