The Jacob Lawrence Gallery is an inspiring space for exhibitions, a vital center for social interaction and dialog about art, art history, and design, and a critical para-educational resource for students and faculty. The Gallery is also a site of knowledge production dedicated to enhancing the intellectual life on campus by advancing discourses on contemporary exhibition and curatorial practice with its ambitious program of lectures, performances, screenings, discussions, and exhibitions, and always testing art’s capacity to challenge, teach and engage.

The Gallery, also known as “The Jake,” is named after one of the School’s most renowned faculty members, Jacob Lawrence, who taught here from 1970-1980, and who served as Professor Emeritus until his death in 2000. As an artist, Jacob Lawrence never shied away from difficult societal issues; as a professor, Lawrence inspired that same approach in his students. The Gallery is the living legacy of Lawrence’s exemplary life and admirable practice. As such, it is a community cultural laboratory, a platform for presenting a variety of artistic viewpoints, and an agent for deploying experimental pedagogy intended to help prepare students to enter and contribute to the cultural milieu while also serving the community at large as a site for discovery, wonder and meaningful exchange.
Artist in Studio, 1994
Gallery Hours
Tuesday-Friday, 10am – 5pm;
Saturday, 1:00 – 5:00pm

All exhibitions and programs are FREE and open to the public

Jacob Lawrence Gallery
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